Our Vision

Imagen Innovation's vision is to provide a novel, sustainable and fair financing vehicle for the development of new drugs and medical devices.

Mission Statement

Imagen Innovation supports the commercialization of medical discoveries through the funding of emerging companies. We are committed to providing ongoing financial support until the commercialization or licensing of the product. In addition, Imagen, through its network of experts, will provide the best business and technical advice to the company founders. Our support will enable the commercialization of key discoveries, many of which never have the opportunity to become products. There is a growing need to fund the knowledge that is being developed in our academic institutes. Founders can’t support this process, venture capital has evaporated. Imagen is determined to develop the drugs and devices of the future.


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Imagen Innovation lets everyone invest in healthcare. Your investment can be as little as $5.



Imagen Innovation provides financial support until the commercialization or licensing of the startup's product. Learn more to see if your company qualifies.